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We are specialists in assay development and the Ubiquitin Proteasome System. We create novel screening technologies.

TR-FRET Technology

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Ubiquitinated Substrates
We offer purified E3 ligase target-substrates pre-conjugated with Ub
No more ubiquitination kits or Western blots just to start your experiments
Check out our purified polyubiquitinated p53, available only at South Bay Bio
Ask us about other substrates you'd like. We'll make them
Homogeneous real-time TR-FRET
Our mission is to help you find your new lead
Maximal S:B, & low compound auto-fluorescence are key elements of TR-FRET
See our purified Europium cryptate ubiquitin products
HTS featuring ubiquitin conjugation is now simpler than ever
Custom Biochemistry & Assay Development
If we don't already offer an assay that fits your needs, let's fix that.
We specalize in protein labeling, purification, & assay development
We have the manpower & knowhow to help you kick-start your program
We have the tools, so let's get started!