BrightLux™ - TR-FRET DUB Substrates

South Bay Bio offers purified TR-FRET ubiquitin free-chains in linkages K6, K11, K29, K33, K48, K63, and linear. Each chain contains a fret-pair between a lanthanide cryptate-labeled ubiquitin donor and far-red aceptor. Facilitating real-time measurement of ubiquitin deconjugation with high degrees of physiological relevance, our BrightLux™ technology bolsters high Z’primes, assay robustness, and stability optimal for HTS. BrightLux™ is ideal for use with DUBs containing multiple ubiquitin binding domains or high degrees of lysine linkage specificity (e.g., AMSH & STAM1). There's nothing that compares to BrightLux™.

BrightLux PLUS™ - Labeled TR-FRET Substrates

Often times DUBs specialize in ubiquitin removal from specific ubiquitin-tagged proteins1. Screening studies on the deubiquitination of these substrate proteins in-vitro has proven challenging due to the lack of useful reagents. An example is the tumor suppressor protein p53, a crucial regulator of cell-cycle control. Many types of cancer cells down-regulate p53 through addition of polyubiquitin chains, targeting p53 for proteasomal degradation2. Although understanding p53 ubiquitination will prove critical for advancing a new generation of oncology therapeutics, the proper tools are still lacking. South Bay Bio offers a number of purified substrates enzymatically pre-conjugated with TR-FRET ubiquitin chains in aim of addressing some of these challenges as part of its BrightLux™ PLUS portfolio.


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2) Moll, Ute M., and Oleksi Petrenko. "The MDM2-p53 interaction." Molecular Cancer Research 1.14 (2003): 1001-1008.