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Assay Development & Custom Biochemistry

Our goal is to help advance you into lead identification and provide you with the tools and knowledge to succeed. We offer a variety of custom biochemistry services with an emphasis on protein production, assay development, and custom protein labeling. Projects are phase-gated and designed for the highest chance of success; and our assay development services are optimal for HTS. All of our assays feature maximal signal to noise, high stability, minimal compound interference, and low solvent quenching effects. We will help you get your project off the ground.

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Assay Design & Development

Assays are what we do best. We have experience with many conventional assay types such as FP, ElISA, Thermal Shift, and TR-FRET.

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Protein Labeling

We have expertise in protein labeling. We'd be happy to conjugate our cryptates or another fluorophore to your protein or an antibody optimal for your needs.

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Protein Production

All our proteins are produced on-site by a team of dedicated scientists with decades of protein purification experience, with the exception of a few antibodies we have generated off-site.

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Custom Assay Development

Your custom assay begins with an appraisal of your needs and a project feasibility assessment, along with NDAs / MTAs. Once a development timeline is established, clone generation, reagent production, labeling, assay optimization, and tech-transfer can begin. A project manager will be assigned to you and provide you with regular updates and reports.

Additionally once we develop your assay we can assist you with validation and compound characterization. We can obtain dose-responses, IC/EC50 values, validate protein complex formation, or compound mediated complex disruption, obtain compound Kd's via DSF (or MST), and more.

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Custom Protein Labeling

We specialize in labeling proteins and antibodies with our Europium and Terbium Cryptates and acceptor fluorophores. We can label proteins site specifically using cysteines or provide you with a FRET-labeled pair of antibodies for your target. We predominantly label monoclonal antibodies using cysteine mutations or amine-reactive crosslinkers. If FRET isn’t what you’re after ask us about our FP assay labeling services or c-terminal derivatives.

Protein Purification

Our proteins are produced in-house beginning with clones. We use bacterial or insect cell expression for most projects. Proteins are purified using affinity, ion exchange, SEC, or HIC liquid chromatography to attain protein purities of >95%. We can confirm purity by SDS-PAGE or Mass Spectrometry, and QC deliverable product by activity assessment if applicable. Completed proteins can be labeled and further purified to remove excess label. Our enzymes are active and stable.

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