C-terminal Derivative DUB Substrates

C-terminal derivative DUB substrates are full length polypeptides (i.e. Ubiquitin, NEDD8, ISG15, etc.) conjugated to organic dyes such as Rhodamine 110 or AMC via their c-terminal glycine residues. Hydrolysis of the conjugate peptide results in fluorescence observable by excitation at 485nm and emission at 535nm. This class of substrates mimics peptides bound together by isopeptide linkages, such as di-ubiquitin or neddylated proteins, and are excellent DUB screening substrates and research tools.

The Highest Quality. Period.

We feature the highest quality and largest selection of c-terminal derivatives in the world. No joke. Our substrates exhibit the highest signal to background, Z’-prime values greater than 0.9, and purities greater than 99% by LCMS. NEDD8, ISG15, SUMO1, and SUMO2 derivatives are only available at South Bay Bio, and our price structure is also the lowest. These substrates speak for themselves.


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2) Basters, et al. (2012) High yield expression of catalytically active USP18 (UBP43) using a Trigger Factor fusion system. BMC Biotechnology 12:56.