Ubiquitin Proteasome System-Introduction

Protein homeostasis at the cellular level is precisely balanced by de-novo synthesis, posttranslational modifications, and proteolytic degradation … Continued

Cryptates & Chemistry

Lanthanide metals (particularly Europium and Terbium) characteristically display luminescent properties with very sharp emission peaks, and are capable of exhibiting extremely bright luminescence and when coupled to appropriate tris bipyridine macrocycles … Continued

Real-Time Ubiquitin Conjugation

South Bay Bio’s homogeneous real-time TR-FRET ubiquitin conjugation assays are simple; Ubiquitins labeled with europium cryptate and Cy5 are combined with … Continued

EMBO 2017 Ubiquitin & SUMO Conference Poster

Ubiquitin, a highly conserved 76 amino acid protein, is an important posttranslational modifier responsible for regulating a wide variety of cellular functions … Continued

C-terminal Derivatives

C-terminal derivatives are a class of DUB substrates that mimic the native isopeptide linkages between … Continued

Time Resolved FRET-Basics

Interaction between biomolecules can be assessed by coupling biomolecular partners to fluorescent labels (donor or acceptor), and measuring … Continued